Did you enjoy volunteering?

11 October 2021

I often get asked why I volunteer, why do you give all that time when you don’t get paid?  The short answer is that I enjoy it, I love helping people and I love using the skills that I have to make a difference.  It would seem that I’m not the only one, here are some quotes from volunteers who volunteered during the Covid pandemic.  It’s fair to say that they seem to have enjoyed the experience!

“I love that l am making a difference. To be honest it helps with my own wellbeing.”

“Just feeling quite emotional at how grateful people are that they have people they can turn to for help.”

“Volunteering is one of the best things l have ever done, our clients are so grateful for every little thing we do.”

“The people that I spoke to were very grateful for the call. It made me feel that I was doing something worthwhile.”

“I did feel that I made a bit of a difference.”

“The people were genuinely a pleasure to support. Their smiling faces will stay with me.”

“It was great being part of a friendly supportive team.”

“The work gave me a sense of purpose and it was rewarding to know that I was making a difference to the lives of others.”

What will stay with me: “Seeing the relief on the faces of local residents when I turned up with bags of groceries.”

What will stay with me: “The delight of young carers when they realised the activity packs were being specially delivered just for them.”

What will stay with me: “The look of relief from several people at the realisation that they were not alone.”

“I found the volunteering experience eye opening, humbling and satisfying.”

“Because my family is in another country I would like to think someone would help them like I could help people over here.”

“I could tell how grateful the people were when helping them.”